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I just love how silent white people have been recently.


They are normally quick to say how not racist this country is and how the police are “our” forms of protection against “hoodlums”. 

Where y’all at? Did they have a silence meeting at the country club? Did the Klan meeting run late and you guys are sleeping over? 

Where art tho Miley? Is Iggy still out and about performing vocal blackface?

"You have a Black President, racism is over!" 

Y’all can’t say shit to me or my people. I can hear a pin drop around y’all right now. 


Gonna tell me not all cops are bad while you got KKK members lounging around on the Florida police force and a new Black kid is shot by a cop every day WITHOUT REASON.

I don’t give a flying FUCK about the good cops because the only shit affecting the Black community is the large fucking number of bad ones. 

Fuck you and fuck your slave masters- *oops* I mean cops. 

I swear, some of my white friends be pissing me off. They always say shit like, “reverse racism is real, we are targeted too”. Fine we get it, we make fun of you guys for your lack of rhythm and being uncultured. But put it this way, none of the stereotypes that you guys deal with has ever compromised your chances in the job market or for applications in the work force, your stereotype has never perpetuated law enforcement and the media to wrongly attack or misconstrued you, so yea… its safe to say that reverse racism is more on the insignificant side for you guys.

"So we need to know, and articulate that they ain’t killing, oppression, demonizing, hating, and all that other shit they keep doing because we Black, it is because they White!

So we need to begin to speak the truth, in order to understand the truth, and bring truth and justice to bare on reality.

So, form now on the wording should be:

-“They did it because they are White.”
-“They killed her because they are White.”
-“I didn’t get the job because the employer is White.”
-“He got all that jail time because the justice system is White.”
-“She wasn’t promoted because the evaluators were White.”

Diallo Kenyatta  ”It’s not Our Blackness it’s their Whiteness. (via rebelbaes)
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