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anime trope episodes: the beach episode, the festival episode, the episode where someone doesn’t know how to cook
western cartoon trope episodes: the episode where someone has several copies of themselves made, the episode where inanimate objects come to life, the episode that is a homage to a movie from the 1950s, the episode where someone is shrunk down to microscopic levels and placed inside the body of another person

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here for brown girls, queer girls, shy girls, bi girls, trans girls, poly girls, disabled girls, loud girls, anarchist girls, riot girls, my girls, the quiet girls - the silent girls, the heart-too-big for their body girls, demi girls, fat girls, nerdy girls, sexy girls, messy girls, can’t-cook-to-save-their-gramma girls, proud girls, masculine girls, rowdy girls, girly girls, naughty girls, angry girls, surviving/recovering girls, healing girls, don’t-need-saving girls






this dude posted a video of a woman who came up and started twerking and spraying him with a watergun while he was doing his aggressive anti-abortion harassment outside a clinic.  how is this not everywhere on tumblr, she is the greatest person i have ever seen.  the fact he posted it calling her an evil demon/racist murderer is tremendously lacking in self-awareness.  but note he had to disable the votes/comments.

asking him where the pro-lifers were when black young people are gunned down.  he has no real answer! the verbal abuse he sends toward her is genuinely harrowing, though, fair warning.

where is she? what is her name? how do i tell her how amazing and brave i think she is?

ETA: the original where he titled it claiming that she was an “evil demon” was pulled, this new version is courtesy of the benevolent peeingonthethingsyoulove who is most excellent

This woman is seriously a goddamn saint.

Fuck yes pro choice Black women.

That pro life group can take they asses on.

Spread this like wildfire

Yes! I love her. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean harass me about my choice.

Lol anyone note the white lady hauling ass to the clinic tho lol



Anonymous asked:

Saggy tits. Who would spend money on that lol





What? My boobs are great.



See? Perfectly fine.


 I mean, yeah, they jiggle and wobble and don’t sit high up on my chest. But that’s normal.

Like what do you think I should do about it? I mean



My boobs just do normal boob things. They’re A-okay normal healthy boobs.

Moral: Boobs are really diverse. Do your boobs sag? Normal. Do they have hair? Normal. Do they have stretch marks? Normal. Do you get pimples on them? Normal. Are they different sizes? Normal. Big nipples? Normal. Puffy dark areola? Normal. Not facing dead ahead? Normal. Small? Normal. Big? Normal. Normal Normal Normal. 

And they’re your boobs. If you can change any of those things and you want to, go ahead!

But don’t let people tell you that your breasts are wrong just because they’re affected by gravity. 

You’re fine. They’re fine.

Do think she could have made the same point Without showing her boobs though :$ that just gave the world a look at her half naked. Not classy…

  1. They’re just boobs, man.
  2. I’m topless like 70 percent of the time anyway, but I made a point of showing them, and subsequently received hundreds of messages along the lines of “that’s exactly what my breasts look like! I’d never seen any like them before! thank you”
  3. Your concept of class is silly. I am laughing at you.
  4. Seriously, they’re just boobs.  Am I supposed to be ashamed of my boobs or something? Are you 12
  5. I do not associate with people that are that scared and disgusted by nudity, because I am not a child and understand that bodies are not inherently sexual, and even if they were there’s nothing wrong being sexual
  6. How are you breathing with your head stuck so far up your ass. Are you okay?
  7. Grow up.
  8. No one asked you.
  9. Shhh.


Hi guys, I felt like I should really share this experience with you. Recently I decided to conduct something of a…social experiment.

The first photo is of me in casual wear. It’s pretty mismatched. I was wearing my pajama top over my tee and had black pants on. My hairs messed up and everything. I look unprofessional, and it’s intended.

I took a walk through an inner city neighbourhood of Brisbane. I asked the police for directions to the library. I bought a krispy kreme doughnut from the 7 11. I went inside the mall and was asked to try free samples several times. I bought the first volume from SnK from Angus and Robert’s. I wasn’t treated any differently, the reactions were warm and friendly. My outfit didn’t effect anything at all.

The second image is me in a salwaar. The hair took effort to get into curls. (Sorry, the mirror was foggy) I had a bit of make up on. I looked good. The outfit was ironed and it looked much better than the previous one. I went to the same shops an hour later. Asked the same guard where the library was. Bought another krispy kreme.

The reactions were totally different. There were no thank you’s. No one asked me to try a sample. The guard was annoyed. When I went into the bookstore the lady at the register followed me around the whole time. When I bought a copy of ‘The storyteller’ by Jodi Picoult, she asked me if I had enough money with me before she scanned it.

I am a fourteen year old girl who has lived overseas for three years. Never have I faced such blatant discrimination.

What is this supposed to mean? You’re good to go as long as you don’t embrace your traditional values? Is this why south Asian girls are embarrassed to wear their saris and salwaars in the open? Is this why we refuse to wear our bindi and play the harmonium? Is this why we think it’s better to be well spoken in English that Bangla, Urdu, or Hindi.

When white people embrace my traditional values, they’re open minded. When I do it, I’m suddenly a nuisance. I’m automatically expected to not be well spoken. I’m automatically a suspect for shop lifting.

Think about that.

It Gets Bourgie Project


Dear Dan Savage:

We appreciate all of the hard work that you and your sisterhood of the travelling imperialism (aka white gay men who speak over everyone else) have done for ‘the movement,’ but now we need you to keep moving far, far away

back into the closet along with your tacky outfit.
Girls Just Want to Have Paisley!

I think we need a break
It’s not us, it’s totally you

We’re just at two different places right now.

Namely you’re sleeping with Wall Street
and I’m trying to take stock of your hot mess.

And no, it isn’t cute—
just like you not responding to anyone on GRINDR who doesn’t look just like you.

When you said you were a homosexual did that just mean you wanted to fuck yourself?

It would seems like you and your friends are anal about everything,
(except racial and economic justice).

Back when we were gaybies you told us that it would somehow ‘get better,’
And considering that queer youth are 4 more times likely to attempt suicide,
We believed you.

There is something beautiful about being lied to
In the innocence of forgetting,
How trust seduces us when we mistake white men as mirrors

You see, Dan,
It’s so much easier to love yourself when you use the #equality filter
on instagram and come out white!

Like. Share. Colonize.Repeat!

What you forgot to mention is that it only gets better 
if it gets bourgie

Today’s headlines are out! This Just In!
“Gay is the old white!”

Dan okay darling we’re going to take you a tragic school bus all the way back to elementary school

There is this thing called ‘scale’
Not all things are actually the same size.
Some things are more equal than others.
There is a difference between being insecure and being incarcerated
Between being lonely and being placed in solitary confinement
You call it a ‘rainbow;’ we call it a ‘racial wealth divide’
Sorry Dorothy your rainbow brick road was built by colonized and enslaved peoples

Not everyone in this country can afford to be gay,
the rest of us are just trying to pay rent.

We followed you to your favorite club,
I think it was called: “The White House”
Where the men told us to #leanin and be proud that our movement is finally receiving our piece of the cake!

You’re right. These days you can’t tell the difference between a gay party and a cheescake: they’re both rich, white, and bland

Dear Dan:
What about the homeless queer youth?
Oh wait! They were #BornThisWay to be poor,
criminalized, and thrown into jail.
Maybe if they love themselves more the police won’t hate them.

Dear Dan:
What about all of the queers in prison?
Oh shucks! We’ve been passing out all the equal sign stickers in the wrong direction
When we flip them the right (wing) way they make a handy set of prison bars
Gay rights for prison stripes!

Dear Dan:
What about the undocumented queers?
The US deports hundreds of thousands of them
But golly!  We won’t ask if you don’t tell
About all that military money creating wars
that create more migration in the first place
But Uncle Sam didn’t tell you that when he ordained your wedding.

Dear Dan:
What about the trans women of color who started Pride?
Oh darn! They couldn’t afford the cover fee to your party,
Didn’t have a good enough credit score for the Gay Visa Equality Card,
Guess the only change you believe in is the one in your bank account!

Dear Dan:
Masturbation will not dismantle the masters house!
This is not a movement, it’s a marketing scheme.
This is not equality, it’s erasure.

Our bodies should matter even if we’re not in style this season.
Talk is cheap; show us your receipts.

When there are 200 beds for homeless queer youth in New York City
and your friends are signing leases for new mansions.

When all of the major national gay rights organization in the US invest billions in private prisons and drone warfare.

When marriage and not murder is the number one queer issue.

So from this point forward please stop calling what you’re doing ‘a movement’

Try Elmer’s glue instead!
Because y’all have been white and stuck up for a long time

Dear Dan:
If you’re so good at being out,
why don’t you just
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

this is an original poem by darkmatter a spoken word collaboration please consider supporting us 

hakasims asked:

I think a lot of misogyny towards Uhura comes from the creators. She's competent, badass, empathic and kind, and they had her play into the trope of an annoying girlfriend who gives you the silent treatment, but then suddenly snaps in the worst possible moment. I can see how the fans may perceive her as the creators do, since most people don't tend to think a lot, but I don't excuse them. They need to open their eyes and understand that Uhura and Carol deserve better than what STID did to them.


…And this is literally why so much of white feminism doesn’t actually benefit me or any WoC. Uhura was shown in three scenes before she’s ever shown with Spock in the first film her character firmly established and her competence already proven. Like there’s this idea that somehow its more feminist to be seen as single independent woman and like sure if white women want that good for them. But most of the time WoC and especially black women are seen as the sassy friend to a white girl, or as a type of servant, (for more stereotypes of black women in films here’s a link).  

So when white feminists are tired of seeing women depicted as love interests they’re talking about white women being the love interest, not women of color. Because its v obvious that women of color and especially black women are never treated as fully capable at their job and also have love interests. (Note: to any detractors when was the last time you saw a major sci-fi movie that had a capable professional woman who is also depicted as lovable, the fact is you only see white women in those roles).

However you are right that Carol was reduced to fanservice (important rule of how to figure out if something is fanservice, are they the only one naked, stripped down where other male characters are still in their full clothes? then its fanservice). That is on the writers (remember that the creator of Star Trek Gene Roddenberry died years ago and the current writers and director are NOT fans of Star Trek like most Trekkies).

Finally about Star Trek: Into Darkness I’ve only watched it twice because I hate that BC was cast as Khan. They had a great opportunity to cast a MoC as a major villain and they choose to whitewash the role. Still from what I remember of STID Uhura was shown to care about Spock but she wasn’t reduced to a whiny girlfriend. She’s still given a big IMPORTANT scene with the Klingons, and then when Spock is in danger of losing a fight with Khan Uhura gets herself beamed down to help Spock beat Khan. Throughout the film Uhura is still at the top of her game as translator and badass, the fact that she still has time to be in a loving relationship is certainly a double standard when no one ever holds that same fact against Spock’s character. Because that would be ridiculous.  But why fandom continues to only call her role misogynistic is because you’re measuring her against white womens roles in films NOT the harmful black stereotypes that continue to persist and that Uhura defies. 

A Survivor of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing Tells Her Story






Many are familiar with the bombing of Birmingham’s 16th Street Baptist Church that claimed four young lives; however, little attention has been given over the years to Sarah Collins Rudolph. Rudolph was also injured in the blasts on September 15, 1963; however, she escaped the rubble. Her sister, 14-year-old Addie Mae Collins, did not. Collins spoke to a few media outlets last year to mark the 50th anniversary of the tragedy.

In interviews on NPR and Democracy Now, she reveals how been overlooked for decades has hurt her, and she has sought compensation from the city for her medical expenses.

you don’t make victims work as public speakers about their trauma to get medical help

like the white victims of terrorist attacks and mass killings get millions of dollars raised for them with no stipulations. she still has glass and shrapnel in her organs and eyes and still has to work every day without help

she wanted to move her sister’s grave to a new cemetery and her sister wasn’t there, someone with false teeth was there so the coroners lied about burying her


The GoFundMe on behalf of Sarah Collins Rudolph has already been attempted. 

I think it was an IndieGogo, actually, and it did NOT meet its meager li’l goal of $60,000, which would retire Mrs. Rudolph and keep her from having to be a housekeeper for the rest of her life.

Didn’t even come close. 

What pains me about this is if Sarah Collins Rudolph and her family had been given the aftercare for the trauma they endured, to include financial compensation,

Maybe she would have been able to go down a different path.

Maybe she could have withstood college and gotten a ‘better’ career path.

But in order to be considered worthy of aftercare, 

In order for your hardship to even be considered a trauma 

You have to have HUMANITY.

And Black folks in America have NEVER been afforded that.

Here’s the IndieGoGo I was talking about for Mrs. Sarah Collins Rudolph. 

It ended a year ago.

Look at how much wasn’t raised for her:

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